interior designer



Son of hotelier, I grew up in our hotel's construction sites, which started during every winter hiatus. Each year we needed to renovate a floor, a bedroom, work on masonry and carpentry. As far as I can remember, I have held a tool in hand or a pencil  between my fingers. When you run a family business, you start work when you are still in high school.

With this in mind, I took up the torch and started running the family business, without questioning myself in the slightest. Over the years, I spent more and more time over the winters sketching, drawing, renovating. Architecture and design always spoke to me. Carpentry, painting, masonry, I became a jack-of-all-trades.

Through my extensive renovation work, I learned how each material works, how each element is built.

I then reached my limits, those of a self-taught man who needed technological input to create better designs.
I then picked up software, such as 3D modeling and rendering software.

And it is in fact very naturally, without realising, that I morphed from a professional hotelier to an interior designer.

Little by little, from friend's house to hotels, my project book started filling out, and I have since launched a small interior design business. I remain at the drawing board, creation and tracks construction site, and my assistant to customer relations.

14 bis rue honore labande
98000 monaco